Revesco Properties is a focused, nimble and responsive boutique real estate investment and management firm. We focus exclusively on well located yet often underperforming retail real estate assets in targeted U.S. and Canadian markets.

Revesco was formed by its three principals, Rhys Duggan, Scott Lee and Chris Wood, as an extension of their own personal real estate investment activities. The principals are all personally invested in every Revesco transaction.

Revesco knows retail real estate. Its three principals have over 60 years of experience in the retail real estate sector. They utilize their extensive network of tenant and industry relationships to access, analyze, purchase and manage assets in select target markets.

Revesco also knows the markets it invests in. Its U.S. headquarters in Denver, Colorado is proximate to its target markets in the southern United States. Being local and on the ground is a prerequisite for success. Perhaps most importantly, Revesco embodies the core values of its founding principals: prudence, diligence, loyalty and accountability.